Story : Isabelle Dethan
Text : Ronan Allain and Jean-François Tournepiche
Drawings : Mazan

A book in three sections:

A comic book

Mimo, a mischievous little dinosaur and the ugly duckling of his family, finds himself in a brutal world, in which he sets off on a bold and hilarious adventure. Discover the fascinating prehistoric fauna and flora of this period through Isabelle Dethan’s lively text and the captivating drawings of Mazan.

A bestiary of Angeac-Charente

A description of the various dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles discovered at Angeac-Charente, with drawings by Mazan and text by Ronan Allain, and a sprinkling of fun facts.


An illustrated account of the past two excavation campaigns at Angeac-Charente, with explanatory notes by Jean-François Tournepiche, and notes and drawings by award-winning comic strip artist Mazan.


Les auteurs



Little Pierre was just five years old when he announced he wanted to become a preeminent paleontologist, and it was through illustrating the catalog of his small fossil museum that he discovered his passion for drawing. In time, he abandoned his dreams of becoming an adventurer-archaeologist in favor of an equally improbable idea: he would become a comic strip artist, translating episodes from history and imagination into images with brush and pen.... And today, working from his home in the Charente countryside, he creates one book after another. The themes and subject matter of his books vary widely, from lighthearted tales for children to stories with darker, more mature themes – but all created with the same passion and enthusiasm. The pleasure of drawing is an integral part of his daily life, and accompanies him throughout his travels. So, when he learned that an extraordinary deposit of dinosaur bones had been discovered just a few kilometers from his home, it was with stars in his eyes that he once again took out his sketchbook…


Isabelle DETHANIsabelle Dethan

Isabelle Dethan has always been passionate about history and drawing, nevertheless she sensibly steered herself towards literary studies. Then, in the same year as gaining a Master of Arts and a CAPES de documentation, she won the Alph-Art Avenir. This award opened the door to the publishing world, and marked the end of her chapter of formal education, the beginning of the era of bande dessinée.
Published by Editions Delcourt, her books alternate between tales of adventure and more personal stories. In Sur les terres d’Horus, Khéti, fils du Nil (with Mazan) and Le Tombeau d’ Alexandre (with Julien Maffre) she journeys into antiquity, giving in finally to her longstanding fascination with ancient Egypt.
Isabelle Dethan is currently working on a new series, this time exploring the Roman world of the second century AD – though recently she has also allowed herself a slight foray into the wonders of antediluvian times...


Ronan AllainRonan Allain

Palaeontologist, Ronan Allain is Head of Conservation of the reptile and bird fossil collections at the Natural History Museum in Paris. An inexhaustible, hands-on person, he wields the pickaxe, the chisel and the machete in Laos, Morocco, Lesotho and Charente.



Jean-Francois TournepicheJean-François Tournepiche

Palaeontologist and heritage conservationist, director of the archaeological collections at the Museum of Angoulême, he supervises and coordinates the excavations at Angeac-Charente. A member of the Scientific Committee of the Museums of France.




Rudolf Abraham

Rudolf Abraham is an award-winning travel writer and photographer. He is the author of nine books and has contributed to many more, and his work is published widely in magazines.







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